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Madeline Foster : Founder and Co-CEO

Madeline Foster is a Junior at the University of Arizona studying Economics. She started Trek for Autism as a way to not only raise awareness for those similar to her brother (who has been diagnosed with Autism) but as a way to educate her local community. Since creating Trek for Autism, Madeline had coordinated local hikes, fundraisers, and business ventures which have resulted in $15,000 of donations for Sunflower Hill. 

Dan Foster : Founder and Co-CEO

Dan Foster is the Co-Creator and Founder of Trek for Autism along with Madeline Foster. Since the creation of Trek for Autism, Dan has contributed to the gathering of donations for both Trek for Autism and SunflowerHill. With him and Madeline's help, Sunflower Hill was able to break ground on their Pleasanton location. He currently holds a board position for SunFlower Hill. 

Laura Foster : Medical Correspondent


Laura Foster is the Medical Correspondent for Trek for Autism. She has had influential roles in telemedicine consultations within onsite trip participants on the 2018 Trek and in future treks. She has successfully coordinated with trip participants to expedite medical backup. She offers 24/7 telemedicine advice for all treks. 

Meet the Team

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